About ByDesign Marketing

Small businesses owners, freelancers, bloggers and everyone in between all have one major obstacle in common.

How do I get my name out there without paying an arm and a leg?

It’s the daily struggle of the small business owner: how do you market yourself on a very limited budget, on a very tight schedule, and often all by yourself?

Be encouraged! A solution has been made for you. Instead of haphazardly trying out random marketing schemes with little or no results, take a step back and let ByDesign guide you.

On this site you will find a hub of very short video training sessions that will set you up for success! From learning the foundations of marketing for a small business, to creating a strategy, to learning the basics of social media, to understanding how to promote your website, to sales training, to getting great marketing ideas that have worked for other businesses like yours, ByDesign is here for you to learn marketing in bite-size pieces so that you can grow and succeed to the next level.

Angela, your virtual consultant, has worked in and with small businesses like yours. She understands your needs and obstacles and has simple solutions to offer.

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No more guesswork.

No more feeling alone.

No more useless ideas that are only for companies with a large marketing budget.

No more wasting money on advertising with no return.

It’s time to make a change. All you need to do is take moments out of your day to learn and apply.

Browse through the training videos and posts today and see what gold nugget you might find. Any questions? Contact Angela directly using the form below.

I can’t wait to help you do business on purpose and by design!