My favorite marketing moments of last year

Greetings friends,

2015 held some interesting, yet even remarkable, marketing moments for me. Some have been good, some have been stretching, and some just ironically funny.

I just couldn’t miss an opportunity to share a few of my favorite moments. Read on if you dare… or care.

1. Misrepresentation of a testimonial…and a social media save.

I was doing some research for a client about cleaning service softwares, and I came across ZenMaid. From what I could tell, this company seemed to be the most popular and most trusted service in the industry.

Then I went to the pricing section where I read a real heart-warming testimonial about ZenMaid by some lady named Mary in Florida. And then I looked at the picture of the woman and recognized her as my favorite food blogger and prime time Food Network host, Reed Drummond.

My blood pressure sky-rocketed. Oh the audacity to misrepresent the woman who gave me white chocolate pumpkin spice cookies!

So I took to twitter and called them out on it. Within a skinny minute I was tweeted back by their CEO who expressed his concern and how he would be looking into this immediately.

I turned to my coworker and said, “Someone’s head is going to roll.”

Moral of the story: DON’T STEAL! And for goodness sake, if you’re going to grab a random picture off the web, perhaps stay away from big name celebrities who could sue your socks off.

But hey, props to the lightning-speed reaction from their social media crew. My hat is off to you, Mr. CEO, for being available and concerned.

2. Make My Logo Bigger Cream

I was doing some research for a company and was trying to navigate through their disturbing and confusing website. I then threw-up on my other computer screen and noticed some measure of similarity– “Hey, that looks familiar!”

For some reason when business owners approach marketing, website design, and print design, they lose all sense of sobriety, integrity, and logic. It becomes a manic competition to see how many words and images and colors they can get on to one surface.

In that moment my boss and I stood on our soapboxes and bemoaned this reality. Thankfully, I found that there were already people who have pursued justice in this arena. I was introduced to Make My Logo Bigger Cream and my marketing terror radar was put to rest.

If you’re still wondering why you shouldn’t ask your marketing agency to just “make my logo bigger” or “add more words to the advertisement” or “Use up all that empty space,” look no further. All the truth you need is right here.

3. Website Overhauls

Yes, here it is. A shame-less plug for a few websites I was able to create this year. But seriously, how fun is it to help a client tell their story better?

A website is your first impression, your invitation to connect and trust. Although you as a business owner spend most of your time running your business, your customers spend time looking at your impressions. Please, take your website seriously!

Here are the 3 steps I follow in creating a website– and this is before any templates, pictures or content are chosen.

1. Define your customer. Look at your track record of clients and figure out which ones you would define as your ideal customers. Then take time and jump in their head– what are they feeling, thinking, wanting, believing? Those are the emotions you need to convey on your website.

2. Define how you’re different. If you only say you’re smart, experienced and trustworthy, then I’m going to toss you out a window. You have to be different, which means saying what other people are not saying. This could be who you market to or a unique aspect of your service, but you need to be risky and make the differentiation commitment.

3. Create messages that connect with your ideal customer. These messages will convey that you understand your customer’s needs and that you have a solution to meet that need in a unique way. That’s it. Simple and clear. Don’t try to complicate it.

Here’s a couple before and afters from the websites of Chicago Loop Cleaners and Fulling Management & Accounting.

PS: shout-out to both of these companies! I highly recommend Emily at CLC as an inspirational business woman and for some of the best dang cleaning you’ve seen in a high-rise condo, and Rusty at Fulling Management is a fantastic business owner who loves his clients and does incredible virtual accounting and business coaching.

Chicago Loop Cleaners


Fulling Management & Accounting


Well, I hope your year has been good with a healthy dose of adventure. Cheers to a new year!

All the best,


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