Nail Down Your Call-To-Action

You know who could care less about your website?

Your customers.

They don’t care how pretty it is, how much money you put into it, how innovative the tech details are, how much sweat and tears you put into getting that text and image to line up just right.

They just freaking don’t care!

Here’s what they want: they don’t want to think. They don’t want to make a decision. They don’t want to solve any problems.

Sometimes we get so hung up on making sure the website looks amazing, showcases your brand and company, and has every detail that makes you different, yet we forget about the fact that it’s confusing as heck to figure out what you’re supposed to do next. Your website should not be the most recent html version of a Sherlock Holmes plot.

Tell them what to do!

As soon as they land on your pages, there needs to be a very clear objective for their next step.

This is called a Call To Action (or CTA).

This Call To Action needs to be prominent and able to be seen from every page, especially the home page. Button formats are phenomenal. But whatever it looks like, it needs to answer the question, “So what am I supposed to do? What’s the point of this website?”

Call To Action


Every business will look different and will have different objectives. For a blog, it may be to get email subscribers. For a retail animal-print legging shop, it may be to Browse Animal Leg Looks (yes, that sounded as weird in my head as it does in writing). But whatever, figure yours out!

Here’s some good examples:

Notice the very clear “Shop Now” button which focuses on what exactly they are leading you to shop for. Want one of these Black Series products? Of course you do! So click this button!



Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 10.20.09 AM

Who doesn’t want to simplify their life? So let’s make it easy. And simple. Download Free. Boom!


Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 10.26.26 AM

Ah, yes. Please come home and rest. Enjoy yourself. There you go, View Our Services. Or, get a Free Assessment if you are ready for full commitment.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 10.19.13 AM

For those that are overwhelmed with life and need some sort of organizational tracking of their time, this is clearly the solution. And you don’t need to figure anything out. Just Start Tracking.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 10.24.02 AM

This is one of my favorites. Simplicity is just the best. Want to build that site beautiful? I’m already in love with you. Of course I will Start Now.


Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 10.25.52 AM


You see, sometimes to be the most intelligent website means you must be the most simple. Clear. Concise.

Tell your customers exactly what to do. Give few options. Make the journey easy.

And watch your results grow!




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