Bring Them Home!

There’s no place like home.


And for your customer, that place of ruby slippers and Auntie Em (and hopefully no tornados) is at your website.

Today I visited the website of a business owner I met at a women’s networking event recently. I was impressed with her and how she represented her business.

I thought, “Boy oh boy! I can’t wait until I visit her website!”

No lie. I seriously got shivers from my head to my toes when I saw the website. There may have been a tinge of pity even among the grimaces of pain. I turned to my boss and said, “I really want to help her,” in the way compassionate human beings respond to starving puppies at the animal shelter.

People, this isn’t that complicated.

If you present your company a certain way, then, for the sake of mankind, “GET A DECENT WEBSITE THAT LOOKS LIKE A HUMAN BEING,” and preferably one that reflects you!

You risk 2 things if your initial presentation (it could be you as the owner, or the store experience, or print marketing) doesn’t line up with their experience on the website.

  1. They will leave. Ain’t nobody got time for that.
  2. They will experience betrayal.

There may even be some post traumatic stress that they will have to deal with.

This is serious people.

So first, deal with your website!

Second, point all your other sites to the website.

Social media is NOT a means to itself. The whole point of social media is to start fostering a relationship, but the goal is to move them home to the website, where ultimately you have control over their whole experience.

Note: I was about to parallel this to the whole dating to marriage scenario, but then I recanted. Crossing lines is my unfortunate specialty.

Once again, fix the website, point the social sites to the now-approved website, and then call them to action! How? Stay tuned for the next post and video!

Do you need a new website? Contact me! I freaking LOVE making very simple and inexpensive websites for small businesses. Here’s a screen shot from a recent site I finished. I’m kinda at rest about it 


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