How The Internet Works

If you think that you can succeed in your organization by just throwing a website up on the internet, you are under delusion.

The Internet is a system. It has rules. It has a process.

If you don’t align with those rules and processes, then it’s been a hefty waste of time and money to simply make a pretty site.

The internet is a ball pitYou need to learn how to harness the power of the Internet.

Ok, let’s start at the veeeeeery beginning. How The Internet Works -101. This is the stuff I think techy people assume every other normal human being understand…but hey, we’re only average humans. Give us a break.

Let’s imagine what the Internet looks like.

In my simplistic, crude mind, I see the Internet as a massive ball pit. 

There’s millions of balls in this ball pit. Different colors, shapes, sizes, just waiting there to be found. Just like your website.

However, we need someone who knows how to sift through this mess, someone that sets up standards for everyone to follow in order to be found legitimately.

Enter the scene, Filter Man.

You tell Filter Man what kind of ball you are looking for.

Filter Man jumps into the pit and brings back the most relevant results based off of who best adheres to the rules of the ball pit.

So I’m sure you’ve guess it, but Filter (Browser) Man goes by another name: Google. Or Bing. Or Yahoo.

They are the ones that search through the mess of sites on the Internet.

But here’s the million dollar question: how do get YOUR site to be one of the results that one of these browsers bring back to people searching?

You have to follow the rules.

You need to optimize your site.

You need to conduct Search Engine Optimization.

Otherwise knows as SEO.

So there you have it, the most basic, crude explanation of the Internet I’m sure you’ve ever heard. It’s a ball pit that has a Filter Man that browses through the mess to bring back results to people that have searches to conduct.

Now, we need to move on to understanding SEO and applying it to your site.



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