Marketing Is The Core

Everyone wants to know, “HOW DO I MAKE MORE MONEY?!?!”

We want to grab on to a great idea, a super promotion, a killer special, a great give-away feature…

without really thinking through, “How is anyone going to know about this ridiculously awesome sale?”

Or better yet, “How will my ideal customer, the person I want to actually buy this product, going to hear about it?”

You see, we can spend all day long making our product or service or blog or skills simply amazing and the best in the world, but if no one actually knows about it, if no one actually connects with it, then it’s all over, buddy.

We get our panties in a wad over nailing down irresistible sales specials when we should be in a frenzy about how we make ourselves sound irresistible above all the noise in our customer’s world.

Here’s the down low:

No marketing? No sales.

No sales? No profit.

No profit? No sleep.

No sleep? No functioning adult who is now on the verge of insanity.

And no one wants to become insane.

You see, I view marketing and sales like an apple.

In every apple you have a core.

And let me tell you, there’s no way around it.

Marketing coreApples have cores. Period.

Same thing with sales.

In every sale you make you have marketing at the center of it.

Sales take marketing. Period.

And sales drive profits. Profitability means growth. Growth means your business is making your corner of the world a better place and furthering the hope of mankind.

This is why I really think Michael Jackson was actually singing about marketing.

So let’s get our heads out of the mud and all focused on ourselves and our business, and instead start thinking about how you are going to connect your business with your ideal customer.

What are your messages? 

Where are they going to hear those messages?

How many different venues will they hear that same message from?

It’s simple in concept, but it takes time and work. But totally worth it!


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