What’s Your WHY? And WHERE Are You Going?

Hate to break it to you, but you are not in business to make money.

*gasp* Angela, you should be ashamed! Your MBA really was a waste! That’s business 101, you socialist.

Ok, yes, you should make money in business. A sign of poor business is not making any money. And a good business makes lots of money.

Hey, I’m all for money and profit. Two enthusiastic thumbs up!

But I stand by my statement: you are not in business just to make money.

You are in business for a purpose, for a reason.

And it’s called your Why.

Your WHY drives the sales, not the other way around.

WhyThink about it; why did you get into your business in the first place?

Because there was an opportunity to step into the world to meet a customer need in a way that hasn’t been done yet.

And for some reason you were attracted to that and it inspired you a unique way.

What was it? Deep down, why are you in business?

Did you find it?

Then that’s your why.

Write it down. Because that’s the foundation to your business, your Mission.

And stay the course. Don’t waver from it. If you do, you could end up making really stupid financial, product, or marketing decisions because the gold looks attractive. But did you even check and see if it lined up with your purpose, if it further solves your customers’ problems?

Still don’t believe me?

How about this: if your focus is solely on the money, then it’s not about the people. When it’s not about the people, the people leave you. When the people leave you, you stop making money. When you stop making money, you become another statistic of a failed business.

So nail down that mission. Because I can tell you, CUSTOMERS DON’T CARE about your money. They care about your solutions. They care about why you do what you do.

Once you know WHY in the world you’re here, then you need to figure out WHERE you’re going in your business.

This is called Vision.

Vision is big picture end goal. Visualize a world where all your customers’ problems are completely solved with your product, or their needs are totally satisfied with your service.

That’s your vision. And you won’t stop until you get there.

So, you have your Mission (why you exist) and your Vision (where you are going). Fantastic!

Now all you need to do is figure out HOW you’re going to get where you’re going. And that, my friends, is called STRATEGY.

Strategy is the How.

You have now discovered the major purpose of all these training videos, to teach how to reach your goals in marketing, to strategize success.

But strategy is pointless if you don’t know Why and Where. It’s way too difficult to work with people who have no direction. So, please, figure this out and write it down before going forward.

Love yourself and your customers and your employees and the world-at-large enough to do this simple task.

Need some inspirations of Mission and Vision statements from other successful companies? No problem! Check out the links below. They will give you some direction. If you have ANY questions or want to share your newly created mission and vision statements, just post a comment or contact me in the form below. I would love to see what you have!

Mission: 9 Companies With Truly Inspiring Mission Statements

Vision: 30 Example Vision Statements


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