Creating Your Unique Selling Position

There are two things that are absolutely vital to your business:

Knowing Who Your Customer Is,


Knowing What You’re Selling.

If you don’t have those 2 things figured out in detail, you’re a goner.

Last time we went over the absolute necessary questions that you need to ask yourself in order to define your Ideal Customer. It’s pretty much creating a Character Description of them.

In today’s training video I give a fantastic example using of a hypothetical pogo stick company (or is it…?)

Just like what I did for the pogo stick company, you need to figure out your customer’s story and nail down their core problem or need.

Write it down, for Pete’s sake!

Now we’re going to take the next key step: creating your Unique Selling Position (USP).

Here’s the 4 questions you need to answer:

1. I am (professional identity or business description)

2. I help (your target market)

3. I do or understand (your unique solution)

4. so that (your promised transformation)

Why do you think this is so important?

Because it defines your story. It creates connection.

If you’re just another business or blogger or freelancer that sells a cool product or service…

You're not selling productsWHO CARES?

Nobody does. Because you’re not interesting. You don’t stand out. You have no connection.

Creating a USP makes you define yourself and business as a person, define your customers as people, and draws the connection how what YOU can solve THEIR problem and make their life happy.

You’re not selling a product or service. You’re selling solutions.

This is for every business. Yes, even the pogo stick company that sells pogo sticks to boys in Brazil that are interested in near-death experiences and need to earn the respect of their peers.

So you do it. Write it out. Apply it.

Believe me, over time the more you tell your story and connect it to their story, your customers will come to you. Because you’re attractive. Because most businesses out there don’t care about this stuff. They think it’s all about themselves.

But YOU be different. You do things intentionally. You do things by design.

Let’s get it!


I love how Michael Hyatt helps businesses and individuals set up a platform for themselves. I’ve done research on creating a USP from his site.



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