Who’s Your Customer?

Freelancers, small business owners, entrepreneurs… I get it.

You LOVE your business. Your product is simply mind-blowingly amazing. The world has been waiting for something like this to come around and meet their every single wanting need.

In fact, it’s so good that everybody would want it. Everyone could use it, wear it, buy it, and talk about it.

So why not market to everybody? Thus the entrepreneur’s game plan: market to the hometown, then the region, then the country, then the world, then the entire solar system… the potential is limitless!

BRRRRRRRRR. Fatal flaw alert!

When you market to everybody,  youListen up: when you market to everybody, you market to NOBODY!

Sure, maybe anybody could use it, but you need to choose what unique group of people that you are choosing to pursue. This gives you focus and momentum. Without those 2 things, you will, and I repeat, you will become extremely frustrated.

But you may say, “Apple markets to everybody! Because everybody loves Apple and can use Apple products! And look how successful they are! You don’t understand, Ang. I’m the Steve Jobs of tote bags.”

So sorry, but… that’s not even true. Apple actually markets to very few people. And those people are a group called the Techy Early Adapters. They’re the ones that will wait in line all night outside the store before the release of a new product and pay full price, no questions asked.

And I think we all agree– there are very few people who will do that. But you know what happens next? That small group of people become the ambassadors for Apple and they market to all the rest of us. Pretty brilliant, huh?

So, who’s your ideal customer? It’s unique to you and your business only. It takes some thought and maybe a little research, but it will be worth every millisecond of your time.

And I’m here to walk you through this. Watch this short training session about my “Everybody-Is-My-Customer” rant, and follow the steps to create your Customer Description of Your Ideal Customer. Included is an important list of questions answer.

And then USE the list for the next steps in your business marketing strategy. Because coming up next is something super important: your Unique Selling Position.

Power on, fellow businessers!



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