Debunking the Marketing Myth

Myth Buster-- there's no secret marketing ingredientHere’s the myth that I’ve heard spoken or implied over and over by business owners:

“There’s ONE marketing tactic that will launch my business is massive success! I just need to find that special magic ingredient and use it over and over!’

Sorry to be the one that tells you, but…


Let me quickly explain…

Business owners are always asking me what’s the best marketing option out there. As if there’s some hidden gem that’s been a secret only the Apples of the world have been able to unearth.

There could be nothing further from the truth!

It’s like baking a cake. If you only throw flour in, it doesn’t matter if you put in a teaspoon or 10 pounds, you will still only get flour back. There will be no cake.

But you know how you can bake a cake?

You use multiple ingredients. Like eggs, milk, vanilla, butter… and if you want me to love you forever, red velvet.

But wait, there’s more!

After you mix, you do this brilliant thing called baking.

In an oven.

Over time.

People, marketing is not any different. Do the research. Choose several simple avenues of marketing that will complement each while still being simple enough for you to manage.

And then mix them together and use them simultaneously.

But don’t forget to bake! Give them time to give results.

It’s like a relationship.

Good relationships happen over time.

So don’t be quick, impatient and uncreative.

And I’m here to help you. Let me lead you through this process, sharing ideas that I’ve learned and experienced alongside other successful small business owners like yourself.

Remember, we’re in this together. In sharing and having community we all win.

Ready? Power forward, business warriors!


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